Le Pho

1907 (Vietnam) - 2001 (Paris)

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Descendant of a family of chinese Mandarins, son of the last vice-roy of Tonkin, Le Pho was born in the north of Vietnam, in Ha Dong, near Hanoï. Le Phostudies at the Fine Arts School in Hanoï, where he meets his two masters, the french Victor Tardieu and Joseph Inguimberty. In 1931, he visits Paris for the first time, then Belgium and Italy, where he admires the beauties of the art of the european Renaissance, and religious art. In 1933, he comes back to Vietnam, becomes a teacher art the Fine Arts School in Hanoï while realising works of art for the imperor Bao Dai and his Palace of Hué.

In 1937, he is the artistic director of the Vietnam section at the Universal Exhibition. He decides to settle in Paris, where he works and live until his death.

He his one of the most famous vietnamese painters. He signs his works of art in vietnamese and in french. He often fixes a seal on his works too.

He is the father of Pierre Le-Tan and Alain Le-Kim.