Robert Antoine Pinchon

1886(Rouen, France) - 1943 (Bois-Guillaume, France)


Robert Antoine Pinchon (1 July 1886 in Rouen1 – 9 January 1943 in Bois-Guillaume) was a post-impressionist painter from the second generation of the Rouen School. From the age of nineteen (1905-1907), he worked in a Fauvist style, but never deviated into Cubism, and, unlike others, never found that Post-Impressionism did not meet his artistic needs. Around 1903, the great art lover François Depeaux noticed him. At Depeaux’s house, Robert Antoine Pinchon had many opportunities to talk with Albert Lebourg, Camille Pissarro and Claude Monet. Monet defined him as follows: “An astonishing touch with an astonishing eye “.

His major works deal with the Seine, in and around Rouen.