In the center of Cannes

Located in Cannes for almost 30 years, the Galerie Hurtebize welcomes you in a spacious and bright space to make you discover a selection of modern such as Hans Hartung, Sam Francis, André Marfaing or Georges Mathieu and contemporary artworks. An eclectic choice where each painting, drawing or sculpture of exceptional quality is carefully selected, acquired after dedicated study of its pedigree and always accompanied by the certificate of the authorized expert.

Collector or amateur, you will be welcomed here with warmth and passion to discover on our walls the great names of Modern Art, some post-impressionist treasures and our favorites Contemporaries, varying according to our acquisition opportunities.

We also come to you by participating in several international fairs including BRAFA in Brussels and various events in Paris.

Waiting for the pleasure of sharing our passion with you, we present here a taste of our collection.

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