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Born in 1956, Bernard Bezzina is a contemporary artist. He lives and works beteween Italy and the Var, close to Toulon, far away from the cities, in nature. This artist from the Var is at the same time sculptor and painter ; we can even call him, in a certain romantic way, “poet” of the materials that he uses in his works.

He looks for an almost impossible quest for total art, for total representation achieved by the reforming of amplified fragments. This exploratory work leads to the density of the sculpture.

Bezzina is at the same time intuitive and intellectual. He invented and explored the notion of “Divition”, twhich means division and recomposition. In fact, he deconstructs fragments and shatters the structure, in order to fundamentally reassemble it. So, from division to “ampliation”, a kind of alchemy which gives to the chosen fragments a power of a new order, an entirely independent entity, neither completely the same, nor completely different. A kind of expressive explosion, which gives total understanding by showing only one part.