Auguste Herbin

1882 (Quiévry, France) - 1960 (Paris, France)

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Auguste Herbin was born on April 29, 1882 in Quiévry, in the north of France. He attended the Lille School of Fine Arts. Herbin exhibited for the first time at the 1905 Indépendants and, in 1907, at the Salon d’Automne, where, the following year, his works, already cubist, were rejected along with those of Braque. From 1926 onwards, he moved towards non-figurative art. Founded the “Abstraction-Création” group with Vantongerloo in 1931. In 1949, published his book L’Art non figuratif, non objectif (ed. Lydia Conti, Paris), in which he defined a system of abstract painting of which he was the inventor and which won him a wide following among young abstract painters. Since 1912, he has held a series of exhibitions in France and abroad. He has exhibited at the Salon des Réalités nouvelles since 1946. Herbin’s works are held at the Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris and in the world’s major modern museums. He died in Paris on January 31, 1960.