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Born in 1898 in Theizé (Rhône) in a family of scientists and artists, Charles Lapicque, in the great humanist tradition, won’t stop to expermient different scientific and artistic theories during all his life.

Both scientist and artist, in fact, he combines these two specialities.

Gratued from L’Ecole Centrale in 1921, he works as an engineer until 1928. He accepts in 1931 a work at the University of Sciences in Paris, and begin important researches about colors and perception of colors. He paints all this time, according to his new theory of colors. In 1939, he creates a real system called “système de la grille” combining the rules of cubist perception of space, colors of the Fauvism, and Medieval Art rules.

This new system is a big success, and will be followed by numerous painters. For an example, he deeply influenced the painters that had participate in the exhibition “Vingt jeunes peintres de tradition française” in 1941, Galerie Braun.

Charles Lapicque died in 1988, at the age of 90.