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QU Qianmei was born October 10, 1956 in Ruian, Zhejiang Province in China where she studied painting at an early age. In 1979 she enters the normal school where she learned calligraphy and traditional painting.
In 1986 she left China for Paris. A few years later, she met Wang Yancheng who introduced her to abstract art. It is a revelation. Her approach both universal and rooted in a rich cultural tradition gives her works an extraordinary force and emotional expressiveness.
In 2006, the artist won the silver medal at the Contemporary Painting Prize in Paris.
Spiritual artist, she searches a pure land whose paintings are somehow messages. she will be marked by a trip to Tibet.
Coming back to China in 2008, she spent a year at the CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Art) Beijing before exposing three years later at the Beijing Museum.
She lives and works between France and China and exhibits worldwide.