Julien Colombier Artiste contemporain


Julien Colombier is a French artist born in 1972.

He is a self-taught painter, who mainly works in acrylics and oil pastels. He realizes his works very inspired by the world of graffiti, Japanese Art, Matisse and Keith Haring. He also participated in the Tour 13 project in Paris, which brought together 108 artists.

Julien Colombier’s artistic universe is at the same time dreamlike, magical, and disturbing. It is made up of lush and colorful jungles or tropical forests that play with the limits of figuration and decoration. The artist repeats his geometric and vegetal patterns obsessively creating a hypnotic organic environment for the viewer.

His works represent a world without man, before or after his disappearance, and are strongly influenced by biblical references such as the apocalypse, the flood, the apparitions, divine lights, hell and heaven.

The artist regularly collaborates with brands to customize stores: like Cartier in 2015 or Chanel.

Personal Exhibitions

2018 Fauna & Flora: the universe of Julien Colombier, Galerie de Sévres (Cité de la Céramique, Paris (FR)
2018 Exotica, Galerie CEDART, Geneva (CH)
2017 Return Of The Boom-BAP !, Galerie OFR, Paris (FR)
2016 Style Libre, BookMarc Gallery, Tokyo (JP)
2016 Into The Wild, Galerie du Royal Monceau, Paris (FR)
2014 Solo show, YIA Art Fair, Galerie Laurence Bernard, Paris (FR) 2014 Part 2, Galerie BTW, Geneva (CH)
2013 Part 1, Galerie BTW, Geneva (CH)
2012 Highlight Park, Galerie Metropolis, Paris (FR)
2010 Expozone Transit, Antwerp, Paris (FR)
2009 Solo Show, Galerie Estace, Paris (FR)
2008 90 Grammes, Art Produce Gallery, San Diego (US)

Collective exhibitions

2018 This Is Our Music, Galerie Patricia Dorfmann, Paris (FR) 2017 Very First Time, Galerie OFR, Paris (FR)
2016 En Vie, Secret Gallery, Paris (FR)
2016 Chromatisse, Galerie Djeziri-Bonn, Paris (FR)
2016 This Is Our Music, Galerie OFR, Paris (FR)
2016 Inspired fabrics (Pierre Frey exhibition), Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris (FR) 2015 India 2015, Galerie OFR, Paris (FR)
2013 The Last Wave, European Capital of Culture, Marseille (FR)
2012 Drawing Now, Galerie Metropolis (Contemporary Drawing Fair – Carrousel du Louvre), Paris (FR)
2008 Brave New World, Uncle Freddy’s Gallery, Chicago (US)