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Born in Oran (Algeria) in 1952.
In 1962, moved to France at the independance of Algeria.
In 1976, after college education as a draughtsman, he attends the school of « Beaux Arts » in Perpignan, then turns to interior designing.
In 1982, further to several tours namely to the United States, he decides to dedicate his time to painting.

Since, André Nadal shares his time between his two studios in Paris and the South of France. His artistic expression is extremely refined and is based essentially on the use of white and black colours. These two shades, according to their mat or gloss finish, combined with various brushing or sleeking techniques lead to a three dimensional world.
His pictural space is made of cubes, calligraphy, feather compactions, floating constructs…

André Nadal‘s aesthetics, both zen and dynamic, carries us into a soothing and stimulating contemplation.

At the present time André Nadal has shows in galleries in Paris, Bruxels, Casablanca and in the south of France.


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