Signature de l'artiste contemporain Jan Kolata


Jan Kolata is a German artist born in 1949. Passionate about painting, he attended the School of Fine Arts in Düsseldorf between 1970 and 1977. At the beginning he worked with oil before abandoning it for acrylics from the 90s. His work is centered around color, movement and the superimposition of layers. His energetic gestures with brushstrokes or squeegees as well as the accumulation of delicate layers of paint create subtle plays of transparency. He became a professor at the Dortmund Art School, which allowed him to transmit his passion for the material through his travels, his residencies and international conferences.

He is represented in France by the gallery Le Feuvre & Roze who will exhibit his work for the first time from March 29 to April 29, 2018.