Jean-Jacque Marie assis sur un banc


Jean-Jacques Marie is a contemporary artist born in the region of Paris.

From the age of three, his obsession with color and drawing was felt.

However, Jean-Jacques will choose a much more conventional life, and it is not until the past forty years that he finally lets himself be overwhelmed by his desire to paint.

He worked on figuration, opened his workshop-boutique and began to make a living from his passion. Self-taught, he studies the power of color perception in treatises such as that of Chevreul.

Then he discovered the art of Asian calligraphy. The strength of this ancient art encourages him to switch to abstraction.

From then on, the artistic activity of Jean-Jacques Marie continues to grow. He develops an impulsive and spontaneous art.

Having prepared the background of his canvas by color gradients or by the use of brushes with which he draws large dark lines, he then devotes himself to the technique of projection. The streaks of paint are streaked in a dripping – carried out standing, in a duel with the canvas -, the colored background. It is an art of gestures, of movement, just as much as of color.

If we find some inspirations there – Asia, American Expressionism or French Lyrism, it is because the art of Jean-Jacques Marie crosses the times and the cultures, by a return to what abstract painting comprises of essential and universal: the spontaneity of the brush as testimony to the artist’s moods.

The Hurtebize Gallery represents in national exclusivity this painter who combines a sense of colorism and expressiveness of the gesture.