Logo Moderne Art Fair 2021

MODERNE ART FAIR - The Gallery is back in the Parisian fairs

Dear Friends, Dear Collectors,

After almost two years without a fair, we are really impatient to come and meet you in Paris for our participation in MODERNE ART FAIR, a fair that replaces ART ELYSEES which we have been following for more than 10 years. It is therefore out of loyalty, but also to make up for the lack of our Parisian contacts, that we are back on the art scene of our dear capital.

These last months, frustrated by not being able to participate or organize events abroad, we have taken advantage of this flexibility in our schedule to take a more serious interest in the Contemporary Art market. We remain faithful to our passions and attached to the purchase and sale of major works by artists of the 1950s and will present from 21 to 25 October paintings by Jean-Michel ATLAN, Bernard BUFFET, André MARFAING, Georges MATHIEU, Jean MIOTTE … artists who have made the reputation of our gallery.

Huile sur toile de jute de Jean-Michel Atlan
Nature Morte de Bernard Buffet de 1991

Also, we will hang on these temporary walls our contemporary favourites, some already known and recognized internationally and others that we wish to make you discover : ABOUDIA, LEE Bae, Julien COLOMBIER, Jan KOLATA, Michel MOUSSEAU, Jean-Jacques MARIE

Oeuvre Oct 20 de Julien Colombier artiste contemporain

This year, we will also devote a part of our stand to the presentation of works on paper of great signatures. Drawings by Joan MIRÒ, Henri MICHAUX, CHU Teh-Chun and Serge POLIAKOFF, acquired from private collections and accompanied by certificates of authenticity from approved experts, will enable you to appreciate the finesse of the line or the mastery of the colours of these artists and to consider the work on paper as a work in its own right and not as a preparatory study.

Encre de 1997 de l'artiste moderne CHU Teh-Chun

This new selection offers us the possibility of presenting quality works adapted to all types of budget. Do you want to buy a work of art at a low price or do you want to think about a financial investment? We are here to guide you, advise you and meet your expectations.

We look forward to seeing you on the Champs-Elysées, a stone’s throw from the Grand Palais Ephémère and the FIAC, to present our latest acquisitions and to see you again!

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Maud Barral

After 15 years of experience working with Jean Ferrero, director of the historic gallery of the École de Nice and the Nouveaux Réalistes, Maud then defended the young contemporary creation for 5 years, within her own gallery, before joining the Hurtebize Gallery team in 2015.